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There are more ethnic Tamils on the planet than there are Italians, but what do you know about the origin and history of the Tamils? The Tamils are an extremely Today, we're going to answer the questions of why North and South Indians have such vastly varying features, and look at the genetic history of South Asia as a Dravidians' parties are responsible for opening tasmac: Ramadass. N S Rajaram talks about how Aryan Debate no longer exists now. He says, "It's not a debate anymore". Sharing latest research on Genetics and Human The only African country to have never been colonized, Ethiopia developed its formal education system independently of former colonial powers.

Dravidian refers to the speakers of the Dravidian languages in South Asia. There are around million native speakers of Dravidian languages. History of India documentary From the indus valley civilization to modern times. Featuring footage with Professor Vinay Lal, the movie explores the early Who exactly is an Australoid? Possibly the most contentious of the classical "races" and one of the more mysterious, with there still being many disagreements You know how all brown girls say they identify with Princess Jasmine the most?

Well, she was the only "brown-looking" princess we had. We've never really felt The time has come to discuss the people of Kashmir; a region long shrouded in equal parts mystery and intrigue for many anthropologists, linguists and Chennai's Marina beach is not just any beach side resting place for the departed, in Dravidian politics. The Marina beach is the resting place of Dravidian history This film examines the history of Africa and Ancient Africans beginning with the Kingdom of Kush to the 20th century.

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Explains how Africa is patchwork of diverse The demise of Jayalalithaa and Karunanidhi in quick Ripan S. Malhi, Ph. There's a lot of debate surrounding this question on the internet.

Africa’s History did not start with Slavery

But as you may have guessed, it is not so straightforward But we can look at it as objectively as This video explains that Dravidian speaking people carry the M1 haplogroup. It shows how many members of high caste carry this haplogroup.

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They say that the Egyptians are as old to the Romans as the Romans are to us today, but they're actually far, far older than that, but just what happened to the old The island of Zanzibar and the Swahili Coast have quite the curious history of revolutions, wars, trade and migration from all over the world that make this stretch Please watch my Video Feedback Narna is situated in Paraswada tehsil and located in Balaghat district of Madhya pradesh.

It is one of villages in paraswada Block along with villages like Gond tribe is one of the main tribe of Madhya Pradesh and are found in the Narna village that lies on the fringes of Kanha forest.

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It is an eco-village where house Who are the Chadic Peoples, and how do they divide one of the largest countries on the planet? Its look like outside Africa the Twa and other African ethnic group mixed with other people and their descendant who are realy the same African people look different. They lived in Scandinavia were they are called Finns Finland name after them. They lived in the tip of South America where they are called the Fuegians. Moving West to Hawaii where the Twa were called Menehune.

In the Phillipine Islands they were called Negritos by the Spanish. The Twa are found all over the world.

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  • The first Paleolithic man was the Twa who was evolved in Central Africa at the source of the Nile Valley and from here all originated civilization and was carried throughout the world. The Twa created religion. They are the first human. Connection between Twa, Khoi, Masaba connected with Nilotic black created religion. A noble Pygmy man made of earth and a wicked Pygmy woman who led him to sin.

    God ban a single fruit,the woman asking the man to eat the fruit. God punnished Pygmy sinners. The Pygmy believed in a father God who was killed.

    A virgin mother who gave birth to a Savior son who avenged the death of his father. These become Osiris, Isis, Horus of Egypt. The Pygmy had developed in the distant past a highly technical and advanced type of material culture and that they built boat traveling all over the world. But civilization brought them nothing but bad luck, so prefering happiness to misery, they finaly gave up this high material civilization. Pygmy fossils have been found in all parts of the world. Was there once a Universal World Culture?

    A researcher in Hawaii, Dr. Vomos-Toth Bator thinks there was such a culture.

    Tamana - Original Settlement

    And he has presented over 1,, place names from around the world to prove his point. In addition we find that year old pottery signs from sites such as Tordos in the Carpathian Basin of Europe, ancient Egypt and Banpo in China all show amazing corre- spondence. All of these similarities in place-names and cultural expressions ,separated by thousands of miles suggest that at sometime in our distant past mankind shared a universal culture, just as they spoke a similar proto- language which linguists call Nostratic.

    Vamos-Toth believes he has found this Universal culture which spanned the entire world untold millennia before our present era. Vamos-Toth calls this pre-Diluvial culture: Tamana, the name these ancient civilizers used to denote their colonial cities. The people practicing this culture are called the Proto-Saharans. Vomos-Toth over a decade ago observed that certain place-names common to his ancestral home in the Carpathian Basin of his beloved Hungary, were also found in countries outside of Europe.

    After years of research he discovered that places names are found in the Carpathian Basin and countries around the world. Over of these place names can be seen outside of Eurasia, in Africa, the Americas and Oceania. Most of these towns and rivers that share Tamana place names are found in areas recently discovered or geographically not known even years ago. Topographical names rarely change, eventhough new peoples may settle in an area. For example my home town of Chicago, still bears a name originally given the area by its form Indian inhabitants.

    The term Tamana is a place name found in 24 countries around the world. Recently, Dr. This place-name situated in a secluded swampy area near the Hudson Bay, is an infusive-superfusive survival of the Tamana or Proto-Saharan culture. The Tamana people may have come from Saharan Africa, because they appear to have expanded around the world after the Deluge which some researchers like Zecharia Sitchin , who in his book When Time Began, believes that the great flood occurred 13, years ago.

    He believes that 13, years ago climatic changes occurred after the Antarctica ice sheet melted and sent a giant tidal wave destroying low-land areas throughout the world. There is considerable mention of a great deluge in the legends and ancient lore of almost all the peoples on the planet. In the Hebrew Bible, we find the biblical account of Noah, who was told by god to build an ark to carry the remnants of mankind and the animals of the earth.


    Africa’s First Civilization: Before Egypt – The Maa Confederation | Dr. Clyde Winters, PhD

    In the Mesopotamian cuneiform writing there is also mention of the great deluge. In the Mesopotamia account of the deluge the Sumerian god Enki, told Atra Hasis to build a boat to same mankind during a great flood that lasted days. And in India we find mention of the god Manu, who is suppose to have saved mankind after a similar great flood. All of these stories have a common theme. That theme is the presence in ancient times of pluvial climate which led to mankind learning more about the navigation of the seas, and boat building. It would appear that because of the world wide flooding of low land areas, the only safe place to live at this time may have been the highland areas of Saharan Africa.

    It is this theory which has led to the Tamana culture bearers being called ;Proto-Saharans. It would appear the Tamana people belonged to an ancient confederation called Maa. It would appear that the name Maa, was either their great ancestor Noah, Atra Hasis and etc. The Tamana people also claim descent from the great Maa, founder of the Fish Confederation. For illus tration, the Manding or Mandikan people call themselves Ma-nde the children of Ma ; the Sumerians called themselves Mah-Gar-ri exalted children ; while the Magyar refer to themselves as Muh-ger-ri Mogeri or Ma-ka-r exalted children.