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Boleslaw Domko quickly works his way into their lives and their mother's bed. In this first-hand account, the Twins recall [ Warning the flashback scenes contain vivid mental, physical and sexual content against a child. The victim allowed me to write this novella only after I agreed to write the scenes as they occurred.

The dialogue leading to the victim's flashbacks are products of my imagination, however the flashback memories are the victim's.

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The victim, who remains anonymous, has read and approved this [ The Unchosen Twins by Zan Henke How would you feel when one of your earliest memories is of you, three years old, sitting on the lawn with another boy with his hands up your dress, telling you that you mustn't tell anyone because you will be in trouble? Chloe and Imogen faced a traumatic and harrowing childhood, facing sexual, mental and physical abuse, mainly through the hands of the very people that should have loved, protected and guided them. The [ Dear Cedric.

Based on a true story of WWII by Patricia Mashiter Cooper It is , the Blitz is raging over London and other key cities in Britain and tens of thousands of children are being evacuated to safe havens, both within the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. Patricia is six-years-old when she is squirrelled away in an evacuation school located deep in the heart of Shropshire. She is left there with the promise from her parents that "the war will be over very soon and then you can come [ Regina is their cousin.

The girls spend their summer vacations with their grandparents every year. As the girls grew older, strange things began to happen with their grandfather and Grandma Rose felt helpless. Days and nights, the girls had to play hide and go seek to escape their grandfather's grip. Sarah, the older one, got to experience his violent behavior one night when he went on his prowl, [ She, her three sisters and her mother lived for years under the shadow of her father's drunken violence and random sadism.

All these years later, Mazal, a tough and compassionate survivor, is telling her story again; this time someone must listen. In her [ Spirit Woman Cedar Woman Book 2 by Debra Shiveley Welch "Spirit Woman" builds off of my past and includes the true stories of three other women who suffered from domestic abuse.

Wrapped into one, heart-rending story, "Spirit Woman" tells the tale of Nickie Bahiti buy-a-tie - ghost or spirit Greene. Desperate for love, she grabs it when she can and finds herself in a living hell. As the story unfolds, we are witness to Nickie's bravery and the loyalty and courage of her friend [ A Deadly Haunting - Based a True Story told by Deborah Moffitt by Joie Albrecht The Moffitts were a typical American family, until the caretaker of their ailing grandmother performed an ancient ritual intended for healing but instead unleashing a powerful and terrifying demon - one of the seven Princes of the Devil himself.

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Their lives would be torn apart as the malevolent entity haunted and tormented them for eight years, even following them outside of their home. Dozens of notable light workers came to [ This was not the pregnancy any woman would have planned. This mom was forced to face the option of abortion while medical professionals said her son would never survive a day outside of the womb. There were many harsh words used to describe her precious unborn child, including the devastating declaration, "not compatible with life.

Violets are blue. I can't stop using heroin.

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Music Art Sporting Goods Baby Antiques Musical Instruments 7. Crafts 6. Stamps 3. Pet Supplies 3. Everything Else 2. Coins 1. Format see all Format. All listings filter applied. Buy it now. Condition see all Condition. Before he left he told me that he was glad that he had surrendered to me because all of his staff felt I would treat them as they would have treated me, if they had the chance. That was the way I felt about it. All of them were killed that night trying to escape. They tied up several German divisions and forced the surrender of 7, Wehrmacht troops.

On 3 May, Chappell drove down to Feltre and welcomed the U. In the final days of the war, Fabrega escaped in the confusion and went to Merano, where the top SS officials in the region were located. Brazenly, he walked into an SS barracks, announced he was a U.

Stolen Child

Army captain and told the Germans they were restricted to the barracks. His bluff worked, they stayed put, and when the U. Thus ended the Tacoma Mission. Hearn, a former football player from San Jose State College in California, who joined the OSS in December , received SO and MU training in OSS training camps in Virginia and Maryland, and then ran boats along the Adriatic coast, bluffed a German commander in the city of Chioggia near Venice with the threat of an air attack, and accepted the surrender of a heavily armed garrison of 1, German troops on 24 April Mussolini, his mistress, and some of his ministers sought to escape to Switzerland.

Civitella and his unit were directed to go after Mussolini, capture him and hold him for trial. They were summarily executed by partisans on 28 April and their bodies hanged upside down in downtown Milan. In , the Germans had used a hundred thousand Italian police and Fascist militia to contain the Italian Resistance. But by February , the unified and Allied-directed Resistance movement had grown so strong in northern Italy that Field Marshal Kesselring ordered his commanders to suppress it, even if it meant bringing German combat units from the front.

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But Kesselring argued that a more realistic estimate was some 5, German soldiers killed and 8, missing and presumed killed. His intelligence officers claimed the figures were even higher. This was from an original contingent of seventeen officers and enlisted men. The Germans launched major anti-partisan offensives in the winter of that included massacres of civilians, sometimes whole villages, for aiding the Resistance in its attacks on German soldiers. A total of some 35, Italians, including partisans, died, some 21, were wounded, and 9, were deported to slave labor camps in Germany, as a result of German reprisals and the anti-partisan campaign.

Directing the Resistance in France To the U. The role was firstly to establish contacts inside German-occupied France and provide intelligence about enemy strength and defenses and secondly, when the Allied invasions began, to lead French Resistance groups, the maquis, and block or at least impede German reinforcements.

The Allies decided to invade northern France, with a smaller subsequent attack in the south, at the Quebec Conference in August The target date set for the early summer of Rivalry and distrust existed among the different political groups in the Resistance in France, as in Italy, and there was outright hostility between the Communist Partisans and the others. The Allied agencies were often caught among these rivalries, but they were able in varying degrees to work with most of them with the frequent exception of the Communists.

SO began infiltrating agents—Frenchspeaking Americans or French nationals dressed in civilian clothes--into occupied France by parachute or rubber raft in early summer The maquis had long used women as well as men, and the British and Americans joined them.

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The risks were high. Thirteen SOE women agents were executed by the Nazis. This American socialite, who spoke fluent French, had been working as a code clerk in the U. She had a wooden leg, the result of a prewar hunting accident. It did not deter her, but it gave her a characteristic limp. We must find and destroy her. She was landed on the Brittany coast at night, three months before the Normandy invasion. Dying her hair gray and hiding her limp under the full skirts and shuffle of her disguise as an elderly peasant woman, Hall moved around the countryside in the central region of France, living in different places to avoid the Germans who tried intensively to find her by triangulating her radio signals and offering rewards for her capture.

She was co-organizer of the Heckler Mission, and working in the central France regions of Haute Loire and Le Puy in , she financed, armed, and helped to direct a couple of thousand members of the maquis. In July , three plane loads of arms, ammunition, and demolitions finally arrived, and these enabled the maquisards to destroy a number of bridges and tunnels and eventually to force the several thousand German troops out of Le Puy by sheer bluff. Her three battalions of Resistance fighters killed German soldiers and captured more, Finally in mid-August a three-man, multinational Jedburgh team arrived from OSS Algiers, and they organized a Resistance force at Le Puy of 1, men, a group, which Hall continued to supply with money and arms as she obtained them from Allied airdrops.