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The frigates are also able to protect other vessels, such as logistical support ships. The refit included:.

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Ships and aircraft are complex pieces of kit, packed with hard-working sailors - all of whom need some time alongside once in a while. Navy Chief of Naval Operations.

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Search the site:. As Lawrence worked to fit out his command, the British gun frigate Shannon lay outside the harbor blockading the port. Philip Broke was nearing the end of his deployment and had drilled his crew for months. He sent Lawrence a letter challenging him to a single-ship duel. Yet before the letter arrived, Chesapeake had sailed with its freshly refit but inexperienced crew. On June 1, Shannon lay quietly outside the harbor waiting for Chesapeake to clear the shoals.

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Once the two ships had raised fighting sails and closed to within pistol shot, each ran up its colors. The battle began with the two frigates pouring cannon fire into each other. After the ships exchanged three broadsides, Chesapeake drifted into Shannon and the two vessels became locked together with their rigging tangled and their guns muzzle to muzzle as the gunners continued to fire.

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As the two frigates remained locked together in a horrific tangle of rigging and cannon fire, Capt. Broke gave the order to board the American ship.

After 15 minutes of brutal hand-to-hand fighting, the British boarding party reached the American flag on the quarterdeck, hauled it down and ran up the Union Jack. The fight soon ended as the surviving Americans, recognizing they had been beaten, called for quarter. Decatur attempted to slip through the blockade by sailing his ships south past Sandy Hook, New Jersey, but was turned away by heavy weather.

Frustrated, the American ships sheltered in the harbor of New London, Connecticut, waiting for an opportunity to sail clear of the blockade. The Admiralty, realizing the U. Navy was stronger than assumed, on July 10, , issued orders to Royal Navy station commanders that British frigates were strictly forbidden to face their American counterparts in single-ship combat. Throughout the final months of and the beginning of , Capt.

David Porter sailed the U. After he left Delaware Bay later than scheduled, his orders were to join Commodore Bainbridge at sea to cruise in squadron with Constitution and Hornet. But, first at the Cape Verde Islands, and then off the coast of Brazil, Essex failed to find the other American ships. Porter quickly set about provisioning his ship before word could spread to the unprotected British Pacific whaling fleets.

Essex reached the Galapagos Islands in mid-April and set upon the vulnerable, unsuspecting whalers. Between April and October the Americans captured 12 prize ships. Essex spent fall in the Marquesas, where Porter refitted his frigate and four prizes that sailed with him as a squadron. While the American ships were in the islands, the British frigate Phoebe , under Capt.

James Hillyar, arrived in the Pacific. He arrived in the Pacific thinking his would be the only warship in that ocean, but instead he discovered Essex had been ravaging British interests. Hillyar elected to deviate from his orders. Taking along the sloop Cherub , he sailed for the whaling grounds.

John Downes. While in the Marquesas, Porter had learned the British had sent warships searching for him, and with refreshed crews and refitted ships he set sail to find and attack the enemy. On Jan. Three weeks later, the Americans spotted sails on the horizon and Phoebe and Cherub sailed within view. Chile was a neutral power in the war between America and Britain, and custom and treaty ensured the two nations would not bring their conflict into neutral harbors. As Hillyar entered the harbor, he brought Phoebe toward Essex , sailing close enough to speak with Porter and enquire about his health as they drifted past.

Phoebe sailed past Essex and anchored. After several days in port, Hillyar sailed his ships clear of the harbor and established blockading positions. Porter was confident in the superior sailing ability of his frigate, especially with his seasoned crew, and was convinced he could sail clear of the blockade. Essex Junior , however, was inferior to Cherub and had little chance of escape. Porter remained in Valparaiso harbor in an attempt to provoke Hillyar into single-ship combat.

Several times Essex got under way but never cleared the harbor.


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Hillyar, unwilling to give away his firepower advantage, declined. Porter made preparations to depart the harbor, fearing more British warships might arrive. Porter cut the anchor cable and set sail. Porter sailed back close to shore and anchored again. At first the British used their advantage in long guns and fired from a distance Essex could not reach. However, the cannon fire had little effect and Hillyar was forced to bring his ships closer.

The War of ended in a draw, with very little accomplished by either combatant. Although the British had invaded and burned the American capitol, they had little to show for their achievement beyond symbolism. The men and women who brought the ship to Bahrain will shortly return to the UK, swapping places with another frigate crew from Plymouth. It is clear we will have significantly enhanced the scope and capacity of our operations throughout the region," said the senior Royal Navy commander in the Middle East theatre, Commodore Steve Dainton, UK Maritime Component Commander.

Ex-USS Ogden Sank by ROKS Submarine and HnoMS Frigate during SINKEX

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