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What your job says about your sex life. He decided what things were of value from a prize ship, distributed the loot and enforced articles of the agreement as well as punishing any crew that committed minor infractions. Unless they were in battle, the Quartermaster was in command of the ship; should they be quarrelsome, mutinous, plundered beyond orders or misused prisoners the Quartermaster could choose to punishment.

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Generally he would do so with drubbing or whipping, but the choice was his alone. The Quartermaster was a sort of trustee and civil magistrate on board the pirate ship and would generally be the first to board any prize ship.

Top 10 Richest Pirates In History: Blackbeard, Drake & Others Worth Millions

He would take or mark what he saw as worth taking and would be in charge of dividing this loot fairly between the crew as a whole. This way there was no point at which a Captain had complete power on the pirate ship.

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As well as being the first on board prize ships and leading boarding parties the quartermaster would be first in line to assume command of a prize ship if it were to be kept. Posted October 22, I think about this pretty often and it can be a good way to generate story ideas.

Just thinking of a fairly normal, mundane job and how that would work in a fantasy setting. I liked the idea of someone just trying to deliver a package while the equivalent of the War of the Ring raged on around them.

The Project Gutenberg eBook of The Dealings Of Captain Sharkey, by A. Conan Doyle.

Posted October 26, It was mostly just a cover for his other activities, except that he was fairly good at it. Bonus was that he could whip up some innocent looking but deadly soap.

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It's easy! Non-standard occupations in your fantasy.