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This is especially Crank, toot, the white stuff, glass, the monster—how many names can a drug have? When you're imprisoned by addiction, it doesn't seem to matter what meth's called as long as you get your hands on There's a lot to learn from Kristina's story, but one thing Hopkins definitely want you to take away from reading Crank is that doing drugs is stupid.

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It can eat your brain alive and make quitting Where there're drugs, there's lowered inhibitions, and where inhibitions are lowered, there's probably going to be sex. In Kristina's case in Crank, things get a little out of control when her conn To say that Kristina makes some bad decisions over the course of Crank is kind of an understatement.

How to Make Your Fitness Resolutions Stick

With one decision to try crank with Adam, she sets in motion a downward spiral of events that ne Take one aspiring novelist with a selfish streak, toss in an ultra-stern stepfather, mix in a lesbian daughter, a rebellious middle child, an oblivious stepson, and throw them all together in the You'd be hard pressed to find a teenager who knows exactly who she is, and Kristina is no exception in Crank.

With pressures from school, family, and herself assaulting her every day, the questions Kristina's drug use looms so large in Crank that we almost forget about another major problem that shapes her character: She's a neglected child. Abandoned by her father and pushed aside by her mom Cite This Page. Logging out…. Logging out You've been inactive for a while, logging you out in a few seconds They have succeeded many times and failed many times, too. Remember that failure is a chance to learn more. Use the following ideas to start thinking like a scientist:. Scientist and engineers take these situations as challenges they want to solve.

How to Make Your Fitness Resolutions Stick

With proper resources and commitment, they will develop prototypes as possible solutions and ultimately choose the best option. Build and program Milo Students should follow the building instructions to build Milo, the Science Rover. Build Milo, the Science Rover.

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  7. Important Make sure everyone can connect the motor to the Smarthub and can connect the Smarthub to the device. Program Milo. This program will start the motor at power 8, go in one direction for 2 sec.

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    The motor can be started in both directions, stopped and turned at different speeds, and activated for a specific amount of time specified in seconds. Suggestion Give students time to change the parameters of this program string. Let them discover new features, such as adding sound.

    This is a playful and inventive way of exploring levers, cams, cam followers, linkages, and other mechanisms. Cardboard Automata are a good example of integrating science and art into an activity.

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    For learners, the narrative, decorated aspects of the automata are as important as the mechanical elements. This activity is a good introduction to a variety of mechanisms and systems found in other PIE activities, and in the real world. Try it!

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