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Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! In , over two nights, the Luftwaffe attacked the town of Clydebank, resulting in over deaths, seriously injured and 48, left homeless. Danny Inglis and George Maclean, officers in Military Intelligence, have the unenviable task of rooting out those German informants believed to be responsible for directing the assault.

By chance a random arrest may have identified a prime suspect but the man concerned is found dead before he can be questioned. What has the killing to do with the IRA and could the outrageous claims of the German pilot who just crash landed in the Scottish countryside possibly be true? In a world where nothing is as it seems, Inglis and Maclean battle through the fog of war to uncover a brutal conspiracy at the heart of the countryis fight against the Nazis.

With the freedom of the world at risk, the stakes could not be higher.

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Here, mixing fact and fiction, Alan Murray delivers a brilliant historical conspiracy thriller, with all the pace of Robert Harris and the authenticity of Gordon Ferris. For more information see our Cookie Policy. Emmet Malone. James McClean in action against Latvia last Friday night. More from The Irish Times International. Sponsored First-time buyers' event puts Cork on the map with record number of new schemes. Time to make a bold budget statement. South Africa: offering the culturally curious a heady mix of flavours. Subscriber Only. It's hard to explain the warmth and intensity Yupanui puts in his music, something that is often missed by many guitar players.

Of course he got a beautiful technique, but it's his way of interpreting the music that makes it so intense. Danza de la paloma enamorada is a good example of this. Such a short, small melody brought with such change in rhythm and volume that the music gets a live of it's own.

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Absolutely essential to have one of his recordings, this is a good option to add to your collection. Trovaci "Balkanplatte" Label: Jigit! They present the band as anti-folk inspired by the Sex pistols and the Clash. The band takes the Yugoslavian eighties music into today's culture. It's a party band, that's clear.

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Punk, ska rhythms, very basic melodies and not to technically they indeed sound like a protest underground band from the eighties. It's nice when you read the booklet and read that these song actually mean something. It are songs that were written just after Tito died and things started to change in Yugoslavia.

In no time there was a big new wave going through Yugoslavian music with songs that protested against the promises of socialism and the values of the bourgeois. If you listen to the record with this historical information it's much easier to understand the music and it's value. When you just listen to the music without any info it might feel like your listening to just another funky band with some very light ethnic influences. These influences can be find in the rhythms and in the way some of the songs are constructed.

This cd is interesting because of the link between music and history. If you expect some Yugo folkrock, don't buy this.

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This has actually nothing to do with folk, this is just solid alternative underground rock with a rich history. Various artists "The best of Indies records " and "The best of Indies records " Label: Indies mam and mam Finally introductions to the music of Czech are entering the rest of the world. The first cd is the Indies sampler from For me a great cd with almost 80 minutes of mostly new names.

The cd contains a collection of traditional, singer-songwriter, folkrock bands from the Indies label. From the alternative folkrock by BOO to the singer-songwriter music of Z. Their Lajla tov has influences from both the eurosongcontest and South-America. An easy listening adventure in roots music. Midnight music at it's best. Rale with Moondance, traditional, dark folkmusic with nice vocals and a dangerous atmosphere.

A great journey through the Czech music which I enjoyed very much. Interesting to order if you want to know more about the several groups that were active in You can also get the later double cd which contains a more update collection from the Indies catalogue. Some of the same names as on the edition but also many new names. Kapka with Tara fuki a bit avant-garde folkmusic.

Female vocals remind me of Scandinavian bands like Hedningarna at moments but are also typical for Balkan music. Intriguing song this is. This time not traditional music but traditional music mixed with electronics. All three cd's have more good music to offer and of course also some lesser tunes. But they are definitely worth a try. This duo comes from Australia and have been nominated for three categories in the Australian live music awards in Their song Na mara was chosen as the best worldmusic track in Australia.

On inspired the group works with 28 guest musicians from vocals to washboard and many other instruments. The group plays Celtic, country, bluegrass inspired music mostly own material but also a Eric Bogle song. Their music is very open minded and made for a big audience.

No risk, nice music with a popular sound. Sometimes a bit to popular to my taste. Saying sorry sounds to sweet and reminds me of many eurovisionsongcontest songs, music for millions.

I prefer much more their winning song Na mara on which they threw away a bit of their sweetness and recorded a nice modern folksong with programming, good guestvocals and a nice Celtic sound. It's a pity this is followed by Jump right in which is again safe, happy music but without any fantasy and unfortunately the rest of the cd except the remix and the original version of Mama knew best has the same atmosphere.

This is folkmusic at it's most popular. It wont bother anybody, no problem to listen to, but to mainstream to really got my attention. Tervakello Label: Private record Tervakello tar bell is a small orchestra with Udu drum as their basic instrument together with several wind-instruments. They improvise the biggest part of their music and they try to create a shamanistic soundscape. The orchestra wants to create an ambience and not just music. The band started in and has been performing in several dancefestivals and concerts.

They also played music to theatre pieces and animations. It's very intense music with long tunes with smooth rhythms and the sound of soft wooden flutes.

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To some it might sound like many new age cd's but I have to say that putting the group in that category wouldn't do them justice. It are subtle change of sounds and rhythm with which they manage to create a serene atmosphere. It's subtle almost minimal music with just small changes in it's structure. Strong arrangements and somehow very catchy. It needs time and concentration to capture the essence of the music and therefor I think many people would say this cd is just more of the same sound.

For people who have the time and the inner rest to give this cd a chance, you might enjoy this music a lot. Ray Mason band "Idiot wisdom" Label: Captivating music cm; Since about shows a year plays this singer-guitar player. He released several cassettes and in his first cd was born. He is also a member of the lonesome brothers and he also appeared on several cd's by musicians such as Lloyd Cole and Wolf Krakowski This Idiot wisdom is his latest work full with, mainly, own songs. The main ingredients are his bluesy vocals and the sound of his silvertone guitar. It's singer-songwriter with influences from many sides of music but I would call it straight on solid guitar rock and roll.

Well done, nice songs but not exceptional music in any way. Clearly Ray Mason is a strong guitar player and a good singer. But the music is not my speciality and somehow for me personally it's difficult to judge if he is any different from other artists in this genre so please don't follow this review and go to the webpage to get our own impression of his music. He mixes music from several parts of this globe into his own style of music. Together with several guest musicians on percussion, harp, harmonium and other instruments he manages to create a relaxing atmosphere in his music. The cd starts with Pop song a strange title for a song that doesn't sound like a popsong at all but feels like a dreamy late night jazz classic. The dreamy feeling stays during the whole cd. What I like about this cd are the strong compositions and the basic interpretation of these by the musicians. No tricks, no electronics added, their own quality is enough to make the music work. Although I'm not always in the mood for this kind of silent music, this would be my favourite for those days I'm in the mood. The brothers in the kitchen featuring the Moore sisters "Bring it back alive" Label: Private record no webpage given The first time ever since I started writing for both Folkworld and New folksounds that I find a real gospel cd on my review table.

And believe me, this is a gospel cd in the biggest meaning of the word. The lord is coming soon, saved, Little talk with Jesus are just a few of the songs which can be found on this cd. Recorded in the basement of the church it's pure and energetic music.