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As the two explore both the corporate paper trail and the local seascape, Duncan reveals that he's actually a Scottish lord, while Willow is forced to grapple with her fear of commitment. Occasionally I like to mix it up and read a nice historical romance or some hot contemporary story. This was definitely a likable read, plus it's been sitting on my library shelf for years yes, years! Right off the back, Duncan aka Dunky and Willow aka Counselor steamed up the pages with their chemistry. Duncan's made it clear his ready to take the next step while Willow is hesitant and basically goes the opposite directions every time a serious relationship talk comes up.

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They blend together so well from the beginning that it's hard not to enjoy them as a couple. Duncan moved to Maine from Scotland and opened a bar two years previously, while Willow is a local AG and works on cases non-stop unless she's visiting her sister, Rachel, in Puffin Harbor. Whenever Ducan and Willow see each other, they bicker, they flirt, they secretly share kisses and more. This was a quick read for me, maybe since it was a nice change from my normal reading style, and the mystery part to the story flowed smoothly throughout.

Didn't feel rushed or bada-bing-bada-bang abruptly finished at the end, like some stories can be. Just an easy HOT read. I enjoyed the town's betting pool for when --or rather if the wedding between Duncan and Willow will take place and having the various citizens of the Harbor admit who and how much they bet on.

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There are definitely a lot of characters going on throughout the story and perhaps if I would have read Book 1 The Seductive Impostor first, I wouldn't have been confused trying to remember who was who. Mar 24, Christine rated it did not like it Shelves: I hate to give this a one-star rating, but I've now picked it up three times and still can't get more than a few chapters into it. I feel like I have to rate it, as a warning to my future self! The trouble is I've read and enjoyed many of Chapman's other books.

She's not great, but she does like to get her heroines pregnant, which I rather enjoy. So whenever I'm in a drought, I look through her catalog and think, "Oh yeah, I haven't read this book. The setup utterly fails I hate to give this a one-star rating, but I've now picked it up three times and still can't get more than a few chapters into it. The setup utterly fails for me. Willow is a sex-starved woman who hasn't gotten any in 18 months, since she had a one-night stand with Duncan. Now he's trying to convince her to marry him while she's afraid of commitment. To make matter worse, word has gotten out that he's courting her, and the town is placing bets.

If that sounds good to you -- read on!

I hope you do. But I just can't help feeling that I'm tiptoeing into a story more than halfway through, and that the entire setup is a quest for the three magic words. If you choose Maxwell, he will appear in Chapter 18 and 19 in your bridal party. If not, only the ladies and Bertrand will be there.

Liam will not be an option if you are engaged to him, nor if you are engaged to Drake, as he will choose him as his Best Man. The preference you chose in Choice 22 will not appear in-game. Each gift you buy will unlock a special scene with its recipient in Chapter Choices are randomized depending on who is your LI. Your LI will be the last one to appear. Default is "sense of duty" for Liam , "loyalty" for Drake, "talent" for Hana, and "supportiveness" for Maxwell. You hear from everyone. You just get to choose the order. Your spouse will not be on the list. Since one of the gifts is a free option in Chapter 17, you only get one of the choices in Choices if you didn't spend diamonds to buy gifts for the others.

You get Choices if you buy gifts for all of them. If you picked the wrong answer, this choice will repeat until you picked the right answer. Path A: " Sex on the Beach ". Path B: " Sex on the Beach ". If you don't have the corgi, your LI will appear after the first conversation. For choices in The Royal Heir , click here. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].

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Only two things can compel journalist Jenna McMillan back to Buenos Aires after terrorists held her captive there just months before: a rare interview with a shadowy billionaire and the memory of the dark and dangerous man who saved her.

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Now, forced together by a bombing at the National Congress, Jenna and Gabe confront the urgent longings that simmer between them. But this surprise meeting is no coincidence. A ruthless enemy stalks them with deadly precision. The question is. Three of the Hottest Names in romantic suspense invite you to spend the night with a few good men.

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But as a Navy SEAL under the command of her overprotective godfather, Macey is off-limits to Em…until a kidnapping attempt forces them to share tantalizingly close quarters—and a forbidden desire.

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Daphne DuMaurier finalist. Amy Walker endured unspeakable horrors while being held hostage in the Philippines before she was rescued by Dallas Garrett and his brothers from E. Amy is determined to leave the past behind…but only after she gets some answers to the questions that haunt her: Why was she abducted by the terrorists? Why is her mother locked up in a mental institution in upstate New York? Where is her grandfather and can he, alone, reveal the truth? Working on a lead, Amy and Dallas travel to Argentina where they team up with an investigative journalist and an unlikely accomplice whose motives are as murky as his past.

With a ruthless enemy closing in fast Amy and Dallas race against time and risk their lives to expose these crimes against humanity…and share a passion neither of them could have expected. Manny Ortega is a man without a country, and he has one woman to thank for it. She was his first and only true love, and when she left, she took more than his heart—she took his life as he knew it. Hardened and honed sharp as a knife by years as a special forces soldier and police detective, Manny is ready for a fresh start at his friend Ethan Garrett's security firm.

But the past isn't ready to let him go Seventeen years later, Lily knows everything, and she must put her fear of Manny's rage aside to beg for his help. His forgiveness may be too much to hope for Thrust into action on a mission that will transport them to a country rife with political turmoil and civil unrest, Manny and Lily must find a way to work together. Since leaving the Army Rangers six months ago, Jason Wilson has been adrift, a warrior without a war. Far from being a spoiled star, Janey is a revelation—sweet, modest, and incredibly sexy.

Five years after the divorce, Ethan Garrett finally has it all figured out.

Focus on the job, forget about the past and do what he has to do to get by.